I read your review of the Tom Waits show in Asheville (“Tough wait,” Aug. 9). Sorry it wasn’t a better evening. I’d be inclined to dismiss the opinion because of an amazing experience I had seeing him here in NYC in 1999. But your review was really well-written. It seems to be getting more and more difficult to read a music writer who comes across intelligently these days. More often than not, I get about halfway through a piece and spot several factual inaccuracies and from then on, I don’t bother with considering the writer’s opinion because he or she couldn’t even get the facts right. But your review was different. I’m just sorry it wasn’t a better night, especially since the man rarely ventures out on the road. The show I witnessed here following the release of Mule Variations was spectacular, and his band was anything but the lite version you described. A truly great night, and it was apparent two songs in that I was witnessing one of the greatest shows I’ll ever see. Thanks again for the review.

Andrew Klewan

New York City