History won’t like you either

A few months ago I’m pretty sure the INDY reported on vandalism of the Silent Sam monument at UNC (“The South lost. Get over it,” Aug. 12) and included a list of public and private Confederate monuments in the Triangle, the obvious implication being that these other monuments, including graves, should be damaged or demolished, as has now happened at Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery.

The locations are probably public knowledge, but the INDY still seemed to support vandalism. It’s as if someone were poisoning water supplies and you printed a list of water intakes or effective poisons and justified the acts.

It can be argued that Silent Sam is a public monument and needs to be removed to make UNC more open, but these other monuments are private, though open to visitors, and many of them mark actual graves. Someday the graves of the INDY‘s staff might attract vandalism, for example if you back Hillary Clinton and then she starts a war with Russia or China, and people in the future remain enraged about the results of such a war.

Confederates who died long ago have become the burning issue, while the current Democrats and Republicans, black and white, have caused the deaths of millions of civilians in Arab countries since 1991 for power, oil, making the world safe for Zionism, etc. If there are people around in 150 years, they might judge us harshly.

Michael Pollock