On cover, INDY flunks set theory

I found the cover story “Why We’re Suing Pat McCrory” (July 29) both intriguing and troubling. One can’t help but wonder what Governor McCrory is hiding behind his smokescreen of accusations of an attack by the “liberal media,” while failing to turn over the documents which, by law, he must release, And what happened in Tampa? Unfortunately, the Venn diagram on the cover does not represent the intended meaning. The cover diagram suggests that all of the files that you want that they have were given to you. I would proprose the following revised diagram.

Steve Taxman, Chapel Hill

Just curious about the diagram on the cover of the Durham edition: Was it thrown together at the last minute? The obvious mistake is the circle on the right sweeping through the box at the bottom. The cover fixed for the Raleigh edition, it seems.

But more important, “Files we want” and “Files they have” overlap only slightly. “Files they gave us” points directly to that overlap.

So, this implies that you didn’t want very many of the files that they have, and they gave you all of the files that you wanted. Not the point that the article is trying to get across!

The issues with this diagram are so obvious to me, I’m surprised this got printed without anyone noticing.

Katie Allen, Durham

Parking near Juju

Thank you for such a wonderful review (“The mojo of Juju,” Aug. 5). I also want to give credit to our chef Aaron Zarczynski, my partner Julian Benfey (who, along with Aaron, is far more responsible for the menu than I am), to Brittany Finch who is in charge of the waitstaff, and to Brett Lyszak, our bar manager.

I want to give you my perspective on the parking situation, since you brought it up. Regency has been walking a tightrope between honoring its obligation to tenants who pay premium rent for the luxury of having a parking lot designated for their customers, and not being “bad guys.”

In part because the tenants have also asked that they not take an adversarial stance, they’ve very much been erring on the side of just letting people park here unless it is very obvious that they’re not shopping here.

They’ve made it clear to us and neighboring businesses that nobody will be towed if they patronize Erwin Mill and then cross the street to shop as well. Tthey’ve apparently towed about 10 cars in a year and a half, they seem to be honoring that.

For obvious reasons, I’ve been following the story pretty closely and think that Regency is getting an unfair shake. For the parking lot was also only for George’s Garage and Rite Aid before, so this much is not new. I realize this is a hot-button issue and do appreciate your suggestion to use the Bull City Connector, but I just thought you might appreciate the perspective of one of the tenants.

Charlie Deal, Durham