The Independent has never mentioned condemned inmate Willie Brown’s past conviction for the shooting and paralyzing of a police officer in Portsmouth, Va., or his numerous armed robbery convictions there, or the fact he was paroled to North Carolina in 1982, was released in December 1982, and three months later committed the murder of Ms. Dixon. In addition, staff did not mention Brown’s prison infractions (what they were or how many of any particular violent offense) during his incarceration in their reports.

Reasonable persons should question the Indy’s commitment to providing balanced coverage when it comes to capital punishment or related subjects.

There seems to be a pattern of watering down of aggravating factors, a preference for quoting persons who only advocate for condemned inmates, and an unwritten policy of ignoring facts that contradict or challenge what death penalty foes might say.

It’s also worth noting that none of the Indy columnists have implied any support for an execution no matter how violent the condemned murderer is. Such idealistic views are indicative of social elitists or other persons who think that it (violent crime) could never happen to them.

Wayne Uber

Chapel Hill