“Fair” and “balanced”two words that don’t describe the Independent‘s biased and sensational interpretation of Cary’s Evans Road project (“Not fade away,” cover story, by Fiona Morgan, Feb. 20). How outrageously irresponsible to lay at the town staff’s feet the sad deaths of elderly residents and to systematically ignore the context of relevant statements and actions.

Hours were spent alongside the good folks of Evans Road to convey their subjective experience, yet not one minute was spent face to face with Cary staff. So, here’s a little about what is undoubtedly the most competent, responsive and caring group of people I have had the honor to work with in more than 30 years of public service.

They are 1,100 highly qualified men and women of all ages, races and backgrounds who put in long hours every day in service to everyone who calls Cary homeincluding those on Evans Road. They come to the table with a diversity of experiences and insights valued by our organization as they approach each task with integrity, treating “everyone with dignity, respect and fairness” as our Statement of Values directs.

I am appalled at the effort that appears to have gone into demonizing them, and I reject the insinuations of recklessness and racism cast on them and our organization.

Over the years, the Independent has demonstrated an ability to improve mutual respect and understanding by using the power of words and images to bring groups with divergent positions closer together in the interest of making a better community. But not this time.

With just a few more column inches and a lot more objectivity, you could have really done something worthwhile with this story instead of merely inflaming passions and reinforcing stereotypes. You could have fairly painted the complex struggles that so many communities experience when faced with the challenges of change. You could have researched best practices around the nation and offered meaningful solutions. You could have moved the issues forward. Maybe next time.

Bill Coleman
Cary Town Manager