Over the years, I have observed the many troubles between Duke University and Durham. The latest episode has received national media attention. However, no one has better summarized the problem better than the N&O columnist Barry Saunders. In a recent column he wrote:

“If Duke could pack up and move, it would, eager to escape Durham’s reputation as a cesspool of civic incompetence.

“Likewise, if Durham could bid Duke ‘adieu,’ it would.” Mega-ditto’s, Barry!

Many years ago Wake Forest University left its home in Wake Forest and moved to greener pastures. Durham does not deserve to have such a fine university such as Duke as its neighbor. Therefore, may I suggest to the folks running Duke University that you consider a similar move. I believe that the Town of Cary would welcome you with open arms (and a considerably lower crime rate). The grass is greener in Cary, so come on down and check us out. Celebrate Cary!

Mike Dodson