Rein in corporations, not immigrants

Illegal immigration by Mexicans primarily is often for workers in the trades, competition between young and old. Workers of any nationality really need the right to move anywhere in the world where there is a job that pays them a living wage. (“Dole’s bad foreign policy,” Aug. 22; “ICE puts chill on Smithfield workers,” Aug. 29.)

Corporations operate internationally. They collude with corrupt nations, religions and their leaders to divide and conquer labor.

My mother says, “There is no shame in honest work.”

Illegal immigrants are more illegal for working, than for being immigrants. If they weren’t working they’d be tourists. Quit worrying about whether or not they are citizens and give them working papers. They’ll get old and retire to Mexico, like we do when we move to Florida.

Next time you think about what would really fight poverty internationally, consider that workers ought to have all the rights of international corporations, and unite to influence governments to protect their rights based on honoring their labor.

You hear plenty about the government giving money to faith-based initiatives to help the poor, and I imagine the laws made to enable such things would work to get some of that money for organized labor.

The Teamsters could use that money to organize Mexican truckers, and work for an international minimum wage.

Russell Day