Last week, we endorsed Pam Hemminger for Chapel Hill mayor. Her challenger, Joshua Levenson, was not pleased: “I apologize that the INDY team lacks creativity,” he responds, “and does not understand how the town can support our parks and recs program to provide pre-K programs as well as how, when rezoning, we can require developers to also provide a larger payment for more affordable housing if they are not providing it themselves. I understand big sentences might be too hard for your minds to understand but cutting out the true meaning for voters is irresponsible.”

Leigh Tauss wrote about what we expect to see from the next Raleigh City Council. “A few more items for constituents to consider pushing their city council members on,” writes David Hallen. “1) A broader LGBTQ+ nondiscrimination ordinance passed and enforced as soon as the HB 142 moratorium ends. 2) Action by the city council against the RDU quarry. 3) A more accessible council via fewer restrictions on the way public individuals can speak during meetings, holding meetings at more work-friendly times, and more opportunities for individuals to have their voices heard other than through CACs. 4) Further steps regarding police accountability. 5) An ID program for undocumented residents.

“Also, within the affordable housing discussion, let’s move forward on eviction prevention grants, rehousing support, and increased density, lobbying for changes in the regressive state inclusionary zoning laws, and creating incentives for paying a living wage.”

Finally, local jazz aficionado Peter Burke offers this appreciation of Dan Ruccia’s recent piece on jazz nights at The Fruit and Kingfisher in Durham: “We need more venues for the music, so I’ve been happy that these places provide places for our many good jazz musicians. Your descriptions of the venues were on the mark, especially how you can find space to listen or to talk at Kingfisher. I was also pleasantly surprised to see people at the bar actually turned toward the music instead of bar-chatting. I’ll look for a guy arriving on a bike at The Fruit Monday night.

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