Jeffrey C. Billman wrote recently about the mental gymnastics one has to perform to believe that Donald Trump has done nothing wrong in the Ukraine affair.

Sam Knight is ready to perform those gymnastics: “The entire Democrat allegation that Trump withheld money to Ukraine in exchange for digging up dirt on Biden has been proven false. Have you read the transcript of the conversation with the president of Ukraine? I’m sure you have, but whatever, a ‘whistleblower’ with no first-hand knowledge of the call and Adam Schiff said it happened, so it must be true, the indisputable proof that it did not be damned. 

“Trump will not be impeached. … Not only will Trump not be impeached, once John Durham and Bill Barr are done, a lot of indictments will be unsealed and a lot of your favorite government demigods will be heading to prison. So go ahead, laugh what I say off as conspiracy from a right-wing kook, but I will be proven correct and you know I will, which is why you and the rest of the leftist hoards have collectively lost your shit.”

Speaking of losing one’s shit, Leigh Tauss wrote about Raleigh City Council member David Cox’s bitter social-media reaction to watching his allies lose their reelection bids last week. Kevin Wilson writes: “1. What an ungracious winner. 2. He should thank the [controversial Triangle Government Alliance] mailer for saving his political career because he was dead to rights until then. 3. He’s the prototypical baby boomer.”

Chantelle Miles, however, says we were “bullying local politicians [we don’t] agree with. Cox was simply lamenting the loss of others’ campaigns.”

“Sorry,” counters Rod Ridings. “I read that post of his a few times and strongly disagree. Over half his message is a ridiculous list of ‘bad things will happen under this new council,’ and that’s just passive-aggressive whining that the INDY is rightfully calling out.”

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  1. If “the rest of the leftist hoards” is what Sam Knight actually wrote, I wish you had called him on it with a “[sic]” notation. At least, I’m assuming you know the word should be “hordes.”

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