In response to Grant Britt’s music spotlight article (“Joe Bell, Still Toiling,” March 1), I grew up with Joe Bell in Goldsboro in the 1960s where we both played in rival rock ‘n’ roll bands during our junior high years, not high school as mentioned in the article. My band, The Unknowns (we deservedly stayed that way) covered the current hits by the Rolling Stones, the Animals and the Yardbirds (photos are online at Joe played with The Canterbury Tales (I think) and they played more R&B and soul material, which was also popular at that time. Quoting Joe from the article: “I can still dance better than Lightnin’ Wells. That pisses him off too.” Joe, I thought dancing was something you did with a woman in a social setting, not something you did to relieve yourself on stage. Maybe you should have learned to play an instrument during your formative years instead of running around town with your girlfriend in your VW bug trying to act like a hippie. And what’s all this cussing in a family publication? Do you think that will bring out all your old junior high buddies to your gigs who used to talk that way once they were out in the schoolyard? “When I was a child. . .” We love ya Joe. Keep on toiling!

lightnin’ wells