Last week’s story on the Orlando massacre prompted the predictable array of pro-gun and anti-Muslim comments. For example, Jm La: “Your quote’State law permits you to carry weapons in bars’is technically true, since there are no ‘bars’ in North Carolina. However, there are restaurants that serve alcohol, which is the definition the state recognizes, so if one has a concealed handgun (not weapon) permit … then one can legally carry a concealed handgun on the property of a restaurant that serves alcohol, which is commonly referred to as the Pizza Hut Law.” (This is the first time we’ve ever heard the phrase “Pizza Hut Law.”)

“Maybe it’s time for you boys to take some NRA classes and also blame the real cause of this attackradical Islamic terrorists,” adds eagle275.

HiMay writes: “This article is awfully one-sided. I guess I expect a more dispassionate and holistic perspective on the issue. Articles like these polarize our state and country. The more you dig in, the more your opposition does.”

The opposition is, in fact, digging inas evidenced by Monday’s vote in the U.S. Senate against universal background checks and preventing suspected terrorists from buying guns. But Isabel Geffner of Moms Demand Action NC says we shouldn’t lose hope.

“In light of the horrific massacre in Orlando,” she writes, “it’s understandable for people to assume that nothing can or will change regarding guns in our country. But members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America have been working tirelessly to turn the tide of gun violenceand we’re winning. Along with heartbreak, this week brings reasons to hope. When Representative Pittman sponsored a bill to allow anyone to carry loaded concealed handguns in publicno permit, training, or questions askedMoms were there, fifty strong, on mere hours’ notice. … That bill now sits in the House Rules Committee, where Moms will continue to watch it.” So will we.

Finally, a correction: our Best of the Triangle item on the long-awaited Bowerbirds record incorrectly referred to Phil Moore’s side project as “Tushka.” The actual name is Tuskha. In addition, the Bowerbirds record was promised in 2014, not 2013, which puts it two and not three years behind schedule. And, vocalist Beth Tacular says, the band never tried to hide the fact that its Kickstarter proceeds would fund two recordsTuskha first, then Bowerbirds.

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