Thank you for my Orwellian moment of the week. I had to laugh reading Mosi Secret characterize the Duke University political science department as “liberal” (Q&A: Peter Feaver, Nov. 28). It is a pretty vague term, but not the way I’d characterize it. I’d be curious where that representation came from. Something Feaver brought to the table? Something Secret dreamed up? Why play into the fantasy that the right is oppressed?

David Need

Ace arts coverage

Thank you so much for your recent consistent coverage of visual arts in the Triangle. Amy White is doing an excellent job of reviewing area exhibitions with an astute eye and articulate voice. The Indy has always done an admirable job of exposing the wonderful music and theater scene here, so kudos for bringing visual arts into the spotlight as well. The addition is noted and much appreciated.

Ashlynn Browning

Victim’s family suffers, too

I am writing to you in regard to the article titled “The mind of Kenneth Maready” (cover story, Nov. 7, by Mosi Secret). You talk about how his family life influenced him and his decisions. This man is a murderer. I am the great-niece of the woman he murdered. Kay Stokes was a loving woman who was stolen from our family. I think the way he talks about having a rough childhood and growing up the way he did is why he drank so much is his way of giving himself an excuse and getting people to be sorry for him.

Well, I’m here to defend my aunt who was killed. I am 17 years old, and my life has been far from easy. Kay will never be able to watch her grandchildren grow and learn. They will never be able to experience her love and her big heart.

My aunt was on her way home from buying peaches for her brother, my grandfather. We will never see her face again. As for her granddaughter who was in the car with her, there is no telling what she is going to remember about that day. As for Maready, I hope his death is long and drawn out. I hope he sees my aunt’s face every night he sleeps, and I hope God gives him everything he deserves. He is truly a careless, self-centered and despicable man. No, excuse me, I wouldn’t call him a man. If I were to ever go see him I would have no mercy on him. Where he is is too good for him. He is truly a monster who deserves everything bad that happens to him.

Shannon Parrott