I have served as the disc golf course professional at Kentwood Park in Raleigh for 21 years. I am a regular Indy reader and I was pleased to see that the Indy featured my favorite sport recently (“Identified flying objects,” Aug. 20). I was, however, extremely disappointed at the choice that was made for the photo used with the story.

The photo depicts a player preparing to throw a shot with a disc in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. The caption reads “Some disc golfers prefer to play with a beer in one hand and the disc in another.” I have been playing disc golf for more than 30 years and in all that time I have never seen anyone throw a shot with a beer in one hand and the disc in another. I have seen thousands of players throw shots and no one has done what was displayed in your paper.

This is just the type of portrayal that is least needed by those of us who would like to see more disc golf courses, players and supporters. Not only is it illegal to have alcohol in public parks, but you also chose to use as your model a person with their pants falling down exposing their underwear. You have undone much of the hard work and effort myself and others have put forth for years and given people a false impression that will probably stick in their minds.

Jim Markov