Re: Anarchy in N.C.

For Lisa Sorg, of course we all know what humorists police chiefs are, always joking around (“Are you an anarchist?” Oct. 9). However, here in N.C., founded by groups of people independent of government support (Winston-Salem, Valdese, New Bern, etc.), it is shameful to suggest any self-respecting “anarchist” would be caught dead marching in Raleigh at the behest of highly paid NYC corporation insiders calling themselves “NC NAACP” to create media events demanding that peaceful citizens be taxed to supply life support for those who cannot or will not be independent. After all, there are rockets and bombs to buy and foreign governments to support with American dollars, leaving little room for a cooperative home life.

That crazy situation could only be matched by the sight of foreign nationals demanding that peaceful N.C. citizens be taxed to supply their life wants, apparently unsupplied by their homeland and their families.

Even so, we must all be glad to celebrate how competent politics works to bring all people together to solve life’s common problems.

Dall Wilson, Raleigh