Re: Best of the Triangle

Thank you for pointing out in “Looking back at the Best of the Triangle 1996-2011” [June 6] that Triangle restaurants have made some progress in offering vegan options, but there is still much work to do. Certainly, there is a growing population of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians here and across the country.

Local chefs would do well to take a look at their menus and offer creative options to this hungry bunchand promote them! But please stay away from the likes of the tired hummus/ veggie plate or portabella burgerthere are so many more creative meatless dishes and amazing vegan desserts. One need only look at the abundance of blogs and vegan cookbooks on the market today.

I also recommend your readers check out Triangle Meatless Monday, a local all-volunteer group promoting the reduction of meat just one day a week (easy peasy!) for your health, the environment and animals. On their website,, they offer promotion of local restaurants offering meatless meals. Anyone can pledge to go meatless on their site and get support and recipes to help in their meatless journey. Local restaurants wanting to participate can contact

Leeanne Siart

Re: Against Amendment 1

Hal Crowther hits the bull’s-eye again [“A bully’s carnival,” May 30]. However, I would go further on his characterization of the passing of Amendment 1 as just bullying. It is mob rule incited by the churches. What is surprising is that even the black churches found religious zeal in being part of the mob. If anyone should be more historically sensitive to how mobs suppress civil and human rights, it is the black community.

Peter Childers

Re: For Amendment 1

It always amazes me how liberal media can call a majority of North Carolina’s voting citizens bigots simply because they do not agree with the homosexual/ homosexual-minded liberal minority.

Let there be no misconception: The homosexual community would barnstorm city halls across North Carolina the day after being granted marriage rights to proclaim their right to adopt children and right to teach those children that homosexuality is natural and normal through the public school system.

God help any parent that tries to stand up to their new legal rights after that. God has already helped us in allowing us to come to our senses long enough to put this horse manure down againthis time. May he always strengthen our resolve against homosexual deceptions in the future.

Tim Dugan
Chapel Hill