I applaud your courage and brilliant articulation of a concern I have long held (“The Angry White Man Problem,” Feb. 18). One doesn’t have to have much power to feel threatened by “different” others. It’s the perception of power and authority; whether Hicks really had it or not is immaterial. It’s also territorialism as part of white male privilege. This is mine, and you can’t encroach upon it.

The NRA and Fox News continue to reinforce and prey upon the fears of those who believe they are losing ground to the “other.”

Our tendency to use “mentally ill” to describe white male shooters and “thug” or “demonic” to describe those of color who commit crimes is also an important distinction to bring to light. And, finally, I am so relieved to read a comment regarding the insane quote from the shooter’s ex-wife’s lawyer. Yours is the only editorial I’ve read on the subject that sensitively and insightfully expresses an opinion I have been trying to form more fully over the last several years.

Mary Hood Hart, Pittsboro