Re: Unmitigated gall

For 25 years, I was very pleased with Duke Energy’s residential electric service (related story: “In wake of Japan, Duke Energy and critics spar on nuclear cost,” March 16). Then things started to sour. First I became aware that most of the air pollution assailing the beautiful North Carolina countryside as well as my emphysemic lungs is produced by Duke’s plants fueled by coal, the product of wanton destruction of whole regions of the Appalachians and exploitation of their people. Next, rather than start phasing in green power to replace coal, Duke raised my electric bill to pay for building its new Cliffside megaplant fueled by even more coal.

As if that weren’t enough, they proceeded to apply for permission to raise my rates by an additional unaffordable-to-me 50 percent just in case they manage to build more outmoded, overpriced and dangerous nuclear plants over the next 10 years. They need my food and medicine money because no lender, reputable or disreputable, will touch investments in such an unprofitable, unmanageable and risky failed technology as nuclear. I live within the danger zone of one of these plants, which has had several accidents and failed safety inspections covered up. Japan’s disaster really scares me.

You’d think the outrage would be complete. Au contraire. Now their latest bill contains a flier asking me to donate $4 a month to fund 100-kilowatt-hour blocks of green energy! How my green energy production is supposed to compete with their carbon/ chemical emissions and sequestered radiation is a mystery to me.

If your experience is anything like mine, I suggest we send all these fliers to Raleigh with a message that a clean, healthy environment and affordable, sustainable energy are what we already pay them to provide by means of energy producers who are accountable to the people. Then, maybe more importantly, send copies to your Congress members and the president.

Mabel Crabtree

Re: HD airwaves

I was watching Channel 11’s 10 o’clock news on CW22 last week when Steve Daniels really went off on Gov. Perdue for not being in North Carolina when the tornado hit Sanford and Raleigh. It was then I remembered Steve Daniels’ name was in a chart you had of the Art Pope financial empire in a recent article (“The world of Art Pope,” March 9).

I thought back to the Rolling Stones concert at Duke University in October 2005 when I spent several hundred dollars for a ticket to get close to the stage. I looked down the row and several seats over from me were members of the Channel 11 Eyewitness News Team drinking beer from plastic cups, having a great time.

Gee, is nothing sacred these days? Since the HDTV switch, I have been unable to get Channel 11 at all. You would think the wealthy Republicans could afford a decent transmitter. They might be broadcasting to no one.

Chip Dameron
White Cross community, Orange County