Re: Easy-Bake Oven

I was delighted to see the title of your article “Someone left the cake out in the rain” [May 23] and couldn’t wait to read it!

I too was a child in the ’60s and longed to have an Easy-Bake Oven. And though it was on my Christmas List each year for several, I was never able to get one even though that was my most wanted object of desire. I think it must have cost too much for what my parents had been able to afford or they didn’t know how badly I really wanted one. Sadly I never got one and still to this day wish I hadseriously!

Maybe that’s why I’m bakingly handicappedmy first corn muffins came out like hockey pucks and we dropped them on the pavement to see if they would break. They didn’t. Got a good laugh out of that one! My blueberry muffins made my then-fiance and me physically ill. Some kind of food poisoning or something. I guess those were underbaked. Not quite as funny that one but my now-husband and I still laugh about it. My frozen Stouffer’s lasagna after two hours was still ice cold when I took it out of the oven to serve it on Christmas.

It doesn’t matter if I follow the directions on the boxes; I just don’t have the right touch. It all traces back to not having an Easy-Bake, I’m sure! So when people suggest or ask that I bake something to bring or donate or whatever, I just tell people I can’t bake. And I’m not lying!

Michele Makrucki

Re: Primary election

To my supporters: Thank you for a tremendous victory on May 8. With your support and your vote, we won the Democratic primary and we are one step closer to my election as a District 2 representative on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners.

Now that we have passed the first hurdle, I am looking forward to the general election in November and a countywide campaign. Have no doubt that your ongoing assistance and endorsement will be vital for another big win.

While on the campaign trail, I made many new friends, re-established old acquaintances, connected with informative people and had many enlightening conversations. We must continue that momentum so that we can raise awareness of my campaign throughout Orange County and get out the vote in the fall election.

I truly appreciate each and every one of you, and when elected to the Board of County Commissioners, I will work to assure that your views are heard, and that our community develops in ways that respect our values.

Renee Price
Candidate for Orange County Commissioner