Erick Daniels is free; thanks to the Independent

I cried as I read “Finally free” in the Sept. 24 Independent, as I had done reading the earlier article on Erick Daniels as well (“Stolen youth,” May 23, 2007). I thank God that he was finally released.

Thanks to Mosi Secret and the Independent for such excellent journalism.

Patty Ayers
Chapel Hill

Congressional candidates should fight global warming

Given that Hugh Webster has a farming background and “vociferous opposition to taxes” (“Hugh Webster’s long-shot bid for Congress hinges on immigration,” by Matt Saldaña, Oct. 1), it is a wonder that he has not responded to the University of Maryland’s report on the “Costs of Climate Change” by pledging to support legislation that will limit global warming pollution.

Released in July, the researchers predicted billions in losses for the states studied, such as Kansas, where they predicted losses “exceeding $1 billion from impact on agriculture of predicted warmer temperatures and reduced water supply in much of the state.” That same fate could ring true for agriculture in North Carolina. According to the research coordinator, Matthius Ruth, “Inaction or delayed action will make the ink run redder.”

People here in North Carolina are trying to do something about this situation, including the more than 60 people who attended a rally for Clean Energy Solutions to Global Warming at the state Capitol on Oct. 5. We called on our candidates to take action.

Neither candidate for Congress, Webster or U.S. Rep. Brad Miller, has filled out Greenpeace’s simple global warming questionnaire; how will voters know what their plan is to confront the most pressing issue of this generation if they don’t tell us?

Kel Miller