I am concerned about the recent activity related to the issue of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. I have begun to read anything I can find on this issue. I can find nothing that convinces me that this is safe for the environment or for the health of our citizens. I am especially concerned about the disposal of fracking waste. I have seen no proof that it seems safe to the water supply for citizens in the area of disposal.

That we are attempting to increase the fracking process by revoking key environmental regulations is very disturbing. I have not seen any proof that this new industry will create thousands of new jobs or bring any type of new revenue into the state. I have read that the federal law stipulates that all money earned from the fracking process must go to the federal government, not North Carolina.

Instead of focusing on bringing an environmentally unsound industry to our state, I hope North Carolina legislators will determine that they can support the renewable energy industry. My reading has indicated that this industry will create thousands of new jobs for the state and does not harm the environment.

I hope our congressional leaders fight to ensure that the process they choose is safe and responsible and that North Carolina receives some benefits for any risks.

Anne C. Dahle, Raleigh