What a trip down memory lane it was to read about Greg Humphreys’ impending move to New York City (“Legacy of restless,” Dec. 19, 2012). Dillon Fence was in its last few months as a band when I started going to hear local live music. From the first time I saw them play at the Brewery, I was hooked. I immediately went out and bought all of their CDs and traveled across the state to see them perform as much as I could before they went their separate ways.

I was delighted when Greg started Hobex. I attended one of the very first Hobex shows at the Cat’s Cradle in February 1996. For the next few years, I once again traveled throughout the state to see Hobex perform. Their music was such a big part of my college years. The groove, the soul! To say I was obsessed wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Good luck to you, Greg!

April Morgan