Re: Hal Crowther

Thank you, Hal Crowther, for recognizing that Ron Paul and particularly Jon Huntsman were the only two voices of reason in the GOP primary [“Welcome to the circus,” cover story, March 21]. At the beginning of the primaries, I repeatedly said to anyone who would listen that Huntsman was the only candidate who stood a chance of beating Obama, thanks to intelligence and moderate policies. If the RNC had had a lick of sense, they would’ve recognized this ages ago. Instead, they follow the likes of Rick Santorum, once again proving that common sense obviously has no place in political discourse.

Cindy Bowman

Re: Jamie Stewart

It’s great that Xiu Xiu artist and “reluctant Durham resident” Jamie Stewart has found inspiration for his writing and musings in the pockets of urban decay that are much of Durham [“Nice and hard,” cover story, March 14].

Anyone who surely thrived in the seedier neighborhoods of Oakland, Calif., and who most likely reveled in his commiserations with its other self-assumed intellectuals and modern-day beatniks, should be thankful that Durham’s quirky contrast of little tobacco town with gritty charm has inspired him to be so creatively miserable. Stewart clearly craves admiration from his blog readers for being the “artiste suffering for his art” who has willfully imprisoned himself in a dilapidated Southern hamlet that’s struggling to be something it isn’t.

As a Raleighite and Triangle native, I nod to his tenacity for choosing to stay if he so dislikes it here. Perhaps if he got out a bit more, he’d find more to enjoy. Or maybe he just really needs to remain miserable and prolific. Does he lack the gumption to relocate, or does he actually like it more than he’s willing to admit? Something tells me he’s the type who will discover more personal angst anywhere he goes.

Stephen Melott