Letters to the Editor

The arts draw

Congratulations to the writer and to the Independent for the lovely story on ChathamArts (Indies Arts Awards 2009, by Rebekah Cowell, July 29). This was a well deserved honor. The arts in the area is one of the reasons I moved to Pittsboro five years ago.

Judy Butt

Stretching minds & muscles

Nice article by Byron Woods about Common Ground Theatre in Durham (Indies Arts Awards 2009, July 29). Congratulations, Rachel and Jeff. They do provide a wonderful space for community entertainment and events. But one thing was left out of the articlethe great walk-in yoga classes for women that take place at Common Ground. Jeff built the space just above the theater because of another dream Rachel had of providing affordable yoga classes to the community. Call the theater for information.

Sylvia Freeman

Research request

I read your article on Rhonda Robinson, and I was sorry to hear that she had a seizure (“A face of the uninsured,” July 15, and “Robinson recovering from seizure,” July 22). As an epileptic myself, I too have seizures, although I haven’t had one in more than 12 years. My wife has seizures every time she has her period.

I wish there was more research done on epilepsy. I think it’s time this country started paying attention to epileptics and the health care they need.

Thayer Jordan
Chapel Hill

indyweek.com comment

A force of culture

Miles Holst is an undeniable force in the culture of Raleigh (Indies Arts Awards 2009, July 29). His notorious dance parties, passion for design in the city, and bicycle activism are beginning to reach a diverse segment of our local society. Plus he has a fun energy in the way he approaches things that people find refreshing.