Re: Larry Flynt interview

I was surprised to read the benign questions you asked Larry Flynt in “An interview with Larry Flynt about free speech” (, Feb. 18). Perhaps you should have asked: “Do you think that the videos you’ve produced, such as Barely Legal Schoolgirls and Ho’s Luv Monster Black Meat, reinforce racism and sexism in the U.S.?” Even those who see Flynt as a champion of free speech recognize that the content of his “speech” is misogynist and racist. I would have expected the Independent to do better.

Andrew Frost

Re: Broad Street Cafe article

I was very disappointed in the article written by Rebekah Cowell in the Feb. 17 issue of the paper (“Will a neighbor’s complaint turn down Broad Street Cafe’s rock?“). Not only was it lacking in substance regarding the facts, but it skirted close to the “food-fight” journalistic practices of Fox News and other lightweights. I expect better from you.

At the very least, please note the following: The dog incident, while true, happened before the current owners took over the café, thereby excusing them from any responsibility. To add it to this story merely sensationalizes the issue. The writer did not describe the substantial renovations for noise abatement undertaken by the owners, nor did she mention that the one neighbor who was concerned about noise has now agreed that the problem has been solved. Your reporter did not interview any other property owners except for Bob Schmitz, although that information is easily researched in the online county records. Two of them spoke at Tuesday’s hearing and spoke in favor of BSC’s continuing business. It seems that Mr. Fenner, who neglected to appear at Tuesday’s hearing, now intends to appeal to Superior Court. Perhaps if you continue to follow the story, there will be a bit more effort taken with fact and a bit less provocation.

Oh, and one more thing: The people who support BSC are not all “kids.” Both musicians and audiences span the generations, which is why we like it so much.

Galia Goodman