I’d bet my salary that Rataplan has never been to New York City [“Any monkey with a typewriter: GOP’s Claude Pope lashes out at NYT editorial board,” Triangulator blog, July 15].

With close to 10 million people, New York has approximately one murder for every 16,000 people. The city of Durham: one murder for every 10,000 people. The city of Raleigh: one murder for every 20,000 people. Put both cities together and the average is close to the same as New York’s, with one-tenth the population.

Gangs defending their turf? I guess you’re saying gangs don’t exist in North Carolina. How many places in Raleigh and Durham won’t Rataplan walk after midnight?

Interesting smells? Tell Rataplan to spend the day sitting at a hog plant in North Carolina in July and August!

By the way, the homicide rate in New York has dropped at least 5 percent a year for the last five years. Raleigh and Durham? Homicides have gone up every year for the last five! [Editor’s note: FBI Unified Crime Reporting statistics show otherwise.]

I guess stupid people don’t pay attention to facts. They’re too busy disparaging a city they’ve never been to, or wishing they were smart enough to live there!

Dominick Ferraro