Why did you even bother grading 20 pizza joints? [“Pizza! On the hunt for the Triangle’s best pies,” Oct. 3.] In Chapel Hill, you missed the best placesAlfredo’s and Artisan Pizza Kitchen. Grading Pepper’s and Italian Pizzeria III but not others would be like going into the Apple store and grading the iPod and iMini but ignoring the iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro. In Carrboro, you actually failed to go to the only pizza place currently in downtownAmante’s. In Durham, you apparently didn’t think to go to Randy’s, a staple of New York style pizza since I can remember. And you relegate Lilly’s to the vegan section, whichno offensereally shouldn’t exist in pizza appraisal.

Also, I don’t want to bash Pepper’s because the people are great, the offerings are interesting and I do enjoy going there, but giving their crust and cheese grades of 9 out of 10 and their sauce an 8 is just insane. I feel sorry for Billy Ball’s palate, if that’s what he thinks outstanding pizza is.

One more thing: Ranking Carrboro’s Panzanella so high is fine, but a 12-inch cheese pie costs $11, plus tip. People might want to know that it’s not a pizza shop; it’s fine dining.

Mark Derewicz

I was excited about the fact that Indy Week was doing a review of Triangle pizza restaurants but was completely baffled as to why you ignored The Broad Street Cafe in Durham. Their pizza is hand-tossed and wood-fired with great flavor; lots of yummy, interesting toppings available. Your issue even had a section that was “looking for” a vegan optionwhich they have! Heck, you even included Tomato Jake’s in your search. Tomato Jake’s!?!

Lisa Pearson

I am really bummed that you all did not include Village Pizza & Pasta in your reviews of local pizza. Their pizza is simply the bestgreat crust, perfect balance of tomato and cheese. In my house, we were really disappointed when the less-than-exciting Tomato Jake’s came on the scene to replace Franklin Street Pizza & Pasta, so it would have been a really good thing if you had given the Village Pizza location (out on 15-501) some support by reviewing them. While I haven’t had all the pizzas on your review list, Village Pizza & Pasta is at least as good as those you rated with top scores. Folks, give some support to the best, and have a slice or pie at Village Pizza & Pasta!

Joel Smith
Chapel Hill