If plastic is really so “craptastic” (Living Green, July 1), then why stop with a ban on plastic bags? Maybe we should ask our legislators to outlaw every type of packaging that isn’t easily recyclable. It sure beats changing our own behavior as consumers. Personally, it would be nice to enjoy a milkshake from my favorite drive-thru restaurant without the twinge of guilt over the nonrecyclable polystyrene cup that holds the sweet goodness.

Until my senator introduces a bill to ban plastic cups, I’ll try to focus on the problem that led to the ban on bags in the Outer Banks and to remember the solutions we can all practice: Buy only what you need, reuse whenever possible and choose products that are recyclable in the community in which you live.

Bianca M. Howard

Ground control

David Fellerath’s recent review of Moon (“Shooting the moon,” July 8) was wrong in so many ways.

He doesn’t seem to know, let alone like, sci-fi films. He implied that George Lucas has always been making blockbuster films, but before the Star Wars series, one of George Lucas’ first projects was a “low-tech sci-fi film” titled THX-1138.

Also, Fellerath praises Moon more than once for creating something out of next to nothing, but later he lambastes it for having a “crappy” set and a computer interface like that in WarGames. He can’t have it both ways.

Concerning the amount of Helium-3 needed for a nuclear fusion reaction: Couldn’t Fellerath have just suspended disbelief? Besides, didn’t he see how little “material” was needed to make the DeLorean fly at the end of Back to the Future?

He could have also suspended disbelief about the moon base having Earth’s gravity and speed. Yet again, didn’t he see how the Mars city was in Total Recall?

The review was oddly racist, too. Why would the caption for Sam Rockwell’s photo say “Whitey’s on the moon,” and why would Fellerath propose that “Kuwaiti laborers” be used instead for the mining operation?

It seemed like Fellerath wasn’t even paying attention at times. The space helmet in the vehicle didn’t have “frost” on it. Previously, there had been a breach in the hull, allowing the spraying “moon dust” from the harvester to enter the vehicle.

It also seems like Fellerath is not familiar with some Ping-Pong tables. It is possible to bring one side of the table up and for one person to use it like a handball court, which was actually done near the end.

The most egregious offense of the review, however, was revealing a major plot point and then apologizing for this after the fact.

John Rorem