To the Poetry “Expert”:

Your recent picks for poetry of the Triangle struck a chord with me that rings in my brain and vibrates my spine. It seems that the modern poet is a lame duck. A flightless cold duck paddling on a recreational pond. Why? What would prompt you to print such lackadaisical poetry?

As a local consumer of poetry I believe you missed the mark selecting these poets. They lack body, emotion, assertiveness, drive, risk, style and above all, heat. As a local poet myself I feel ashamed due to the poetry you selected. It casts a very gray shadow on the local scene and doesn’t exemplify the true writing ability here in the Triangle. Shame was cast the day this was printed and it needs to be rectified. I’ve attached a few examples of my own writing just so you get a glimpse of what is available locally. Is this a pompous gesture? Yes, of course but you left me no choice.

Let your human out INDY Week.

Jeff Moore