Re: The right to marriage

In a recent column [“The morning after Amendment 1” by Barry Yeoman, May 16], a 1981 proponent of an equal rights proposal quoted William Faulkner: “Some things you must always be unable to bear.” I could not agree more. So how do we as a people of this nation decide, each of us, what things cannot be borne? If we each use our “gut feel” or other emotional basis, we are far more likely to tear each other apart than to keep this amazing nation going and growing.

What has held us together, at the core, for 236 years has been our common loyalty to our United States Constitution and the constitutional rulings from our courts that we (nearly) all accept to clarify this issue or that. Despite what we individually might wish we could do in our “guts,” we all agree ultimately that this is the common basis by which we live together (and if you don’t agree with this, go find yourself another damn country!).

There can certainly be arguments about what is constitutional, but on this issue I honestly can’t see how anyone with an ounce of brain power and a loyalty to our nation can add things up and come to any other answer: “Equal Protection Under The Law” (and, in our law, marriage is ultimately a contract) + “Separate But Equal Is Inherently Unequal” = The Marriage of Any Citizens Is Already Constitutional.

What any particular church will or won’t do is another matter and is up to them; this is about our laws and what we already agree (by living here) they say. I don’t think North Carolina would vote to secede again, and we just look foolish (even if in the company of other states) for voting nonsense.

Art Jolin
Chatham County

Re: Primary election

I am truly humbled by the support I received from the citizens of Durham during the primary election process. Nearly 14,000 of you trusted me and my commitment to Durham enough to cast a vote for me. While the results show I have not achieved a position on the fall ballot, my commitment to serving Durham County is unwavering. I will continue to be a champion for jobs, education, human services, employment training, and safe communities and neighborhoods for all citizens. […] I am proud to have represented you as a candidate for the Durham Board of County Commissioners, and wherever I am, I will do my part to improve the quality of life for all persons who call Durham County home.

Anita Daniels