Re: School lunch forum

Thank you for Jason Lee’s excellent interview with Amy Kalafa about her book Lunch Wars (“Taking on the school cafeteria,” Sept. 21). Last night I went to Ms. Kalafa’s reading at Quail Ridge Books. The crowd was a mix of concerned parents, teachers and foodies. Everybody agreed that terrible school food is a result of a school dining system that functions best when it reheats frozen processed junk. The system cannot easily handle fresh food, local food and, in many cases, basic cooking. It’s not bad people, but a bad system. And that system can change.

Want to learn more? As part of our annual conference, we are hosting a School Lunch Forum on Friday, Nov. 11, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham. It will be moderated by Alice Ammerman of UNC and feature school board members and school food staff. (Nov. 11 is Veterans Day, a school holiday.) Parents, teachers and the public are invited. Info at

Fred Broadwell, Program Manager
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Re: Less ‘coastly’?

I am writing in response to the cartoon regarding the ACC expansion (Peripheral Visions, Sept. 28). As a Syracuse native, a former NYC and Boston resident and an NCSU student, I cannot believe that you are implying that Syracuse and Pitt are somehow less ‘coastly’ than NCSU, UNC and Duke. Not to mention Wake Forest! Folks sure have a unique sense of geography around here.

Jonas Feit