Re: The Scripture

I wanted to comment on your story about Jimmy Creech (“A man for our season,” April 20). He is not a “hero” as you state in your story. He is an example of how a “progressive society” is taking not only the United States down the wrong road but the world.

The subtitle of Mr. Creech’s book says he felt a calling “to defy the church’s persecution of lesbians and gays.” While that might be the “church’s” stance, it is also written in Scripture to denounce this sin. Creech goes on to say after marrying a homosexual couple that he believed God would want him to perform this wedding. That is not backed by Scripture. Instead of playing along to the politically correct progressive movement, he should have counseled the gay/ lesbian community to repent and change their ways. In other words, denounce this immoral practice and totally remove themselves from the activity.

Regardless of what you and others believe, these people are not born this way. It is a form of sexual deviation that brings such a euphoria to these people they cannot quit. It is a drug to them like a heterosexual sex addict. To have the Holy Spirit of God dwelling inside you and then practice the gay life or be a supporter of it is an abomination, and God will denounce you if you do not change. That Spirit will abandon you. God will welcome you back when you ask him for forgiveness, but you must wash yourself of the sin and totally change.

Alan Osborne

Re: The military

Whether you agree or disagree with Patrick O’Neill on “What would Jesus do on Palm Sunday?” (April 27), the reason Patrick can do his activities and others choose different activities is not because of war; it is because we won the war, World War II. Thank God for activists, marchers, witnesses, children, pastors, etc., but it was not them (unless they were in the military or supported the military) that allow us to be free today. Thank the military for our freedom, justice, peace and great country.

Unfortunately, the military is still needed today and into the foreseeable future, so let’s hope they will be strong enough to win the future wars foisted on us, which will be far better for the world and result in many less dead than losing those wars.

Terry Duff