To my fellow Pittsboro business leaders and citizens:

As business owners in Chatham County, Amy and I are delighted that Randy Voller is running again for mayor. He is a strong advocate for Pittsboro, and he’s helped make it a great place for business. It is one reason why our recording studio, Manifold Recording, is open for business today with a Pittsboro address.

We are operating in a time of great uncertainty and economic challenge, but Randy Voller knows how to get things done in tough times. He has protected important services in the face of reckless budget cuts. He has forged partnerships when others have attempted to polarize or marginalize others. When he stands to speak, he represents the town, the people, the ideas and the ideals of Pittsboro with passion, commitment and, most importantly, results.

High tech brought our family to North Carolina, but we have since discovered that North Carolina is also rich in arts, culture and especially music. We saw an opportunity to create a new production facility that would leverage local talent and serve global clients. We saw Chatham County as an ideal location for this venture but for one fact: the zoning laws did not permit recording studios. After months of discussions, meetings, public hearings, testimony, comments and deliberations, we did get the codes amended, with unanimous support at every juncture. Randy Voller knows how to build consensus and get things done.

Four years later, we have a beautiful facility built almost entirely with local labor and materials. And we still have a strong, effective and supportive leader in the mayor’s office, which is vital to our continued success as a business. As we look to the future, we hope that Pittsboro will again elect Randy Voller as mayor.

Michael Tiemann
President, Manifold Recording

Editor’s Note: Our Pittsboro endorsements will be published in our Oct. 19 issue.