In reference to Remo’s comment on (“The worst senators money can buy,” Aug. 7), I don’t want to quibble too much on wording
but I would disagree with the stupidest state label.

I am a newcomer, having been here only three and a half years. While that “perspective” may create resentments, it is lovely to have a fresh palette to be painted upon, and I am here to tell you this is a stupendous state filled with great people.

It is essential weidentify reality as fully as possible. The reality isNorth Carolina has been under attack from outside forces. That is how we should see it, frame it and say it. So no beating ourselves up or self loathing.

We must not be in denial. Dark, treasonous forces are at work here on our true sovereign liberties and we should respond accordingly. In this, a state I consider a home of the civil rights movement, the Voter ID law alone turns our stomachs. So, see you at the next Moral Monday when it comes around!

James CioeChapel Hill