Slagging the hip-hop scene

Regarding Eric Tullis’ “Dropped beats” (The Year in Music, Dec. 16): There are so many people and groups locally and beyond who don’t fit into, as Tullis writes, “…an indication of how mundane and uninspiring Triangle hip-hop had become…” Ironically, hip-hop shows have been, and continue to be, the shows that seem to get the most attendance at our concerts at the MarVell Event Center. Sure, different artists come that have me wishing more people were witnessing them, but that’s music across the board, not just hip-hop.

Tullis asks if there is “a local hip-hop release the Triangle actually cared about this year?” Well, I know I can’t speak for the whole Triangle, but I sure tried my darndest to see Big Hop’s last CD release show at Katmandu in Raleigh, even if just to support his talent and different material. I’m waiting for Dirty Pimp’s CD to get done and see a release show; his stuff just gets better and better. Rykashay, out of Greensboro, certainly needs to come through more and is one of the best. We need to tell people to come and support these people they are missingnot how much the scene doesn’t exist.

Justin Marvell

The writer runs the MarVell Event Center.