Last week, we broke the sad news that downtown Raleigh’s favorite fat cat, Tucker—whom we profiled in May—had crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of twenty-two. 

“My most sincere condolences,” writes Ed Butler. “However, I’m very glad that I met him. Raleigh will surely miss him.”

“So sorry to hear this,” adds Paula Zorio. “But so glad we got to know Tucker. Thank you for sharing him with us; we really enjoyed seeing him and hearing his story!”

Finally, Gregory Thomas Laughinghouse: “I met Tucker several times while walking on Fayetteville Street. I am sorry to hear of his passing. He was a sweetheart.”

We also reported on newly unearthed emails from White House adviser and Duke alumnus Stephen Miller to Breitbart in 2015 and 2016 in which Miller suggested that the right-wing site use racist novels, Hitler-approved eugenics-based immigration policies, and white nationalist websites in its stories.   

“Sadly,” writes John Hite, “we are three years into this mess, and it’s uncertain if anything will ever be done to try and stop the carnage. Racist? Doesn’t matter. Misogynist? Doesn’t matter. Predator? Doesn’t matter. Narcissist? Doesn’t matter. Liar and thief? Doesn’t matter. Criminal? Doesn’t matter.”

“Unfortunately,” Mark Ellis seconds, “the bar has not been lowered; it’s been knocked to the floor and superglued there. Wait, no, that’s wrong; it’s been buried six feet under.”

“Yes, most of the really horrible things the administration has done were dreamed up by this guy,” writes Michael Byers. “Let’s face it: Donald Trump is not focused or creative enough to come up with anything on his own. He is the Iago to Trump’s Othello.”

There was also the case of Jack Bishop, the son of Republican congressman/HB 2 author Dan Bishop, who—based on our viewing of the video his pals posted to Twitter—stuck his smirking face in front of a spray-paint can in N.C. State’s free-speech tunnel and then called the cops to report the “thugs” who “assaulted” him. 

“Pretty obvious that he’s moving in front of the spray can,” writes David Hallen. “The left-leaning people involved are literally trying to paint at the free expression tunnel at N.C. State. Turning Point USA doesn’t believe in free speech.”

“He’s already learning to lie like his old man,” adds James Gheen

“What a fucking baby,” writes Cabhan Wilde

Nathan r Luke, who seems to inhabit a different reality than the rest of us, says this is “fake news”: “It’s honestly hilarious to see these failing newspapers try to spin something like assault so it fits their agenda. You are the problem with America.”

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