Last week’s Triangulator (as well as a blog post a few days earlier) explored the sparsely attended March 4 gathering of Trump supporters on the Halifax Mall. Dean Naujoks believes that it’s a sign of President Trump’s declining popularity: “Three hundred Trump supporters showed up. Pathetic joke! His base is clearly dwindling, and fellow Republicans are becoming exhausted with the daily Trump Drama that he creates. Insane Trump is on a golf outing every week, hiding from his Russian scandal he can’t shake! Answer? Let’s go on a Twitter tirade and attack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger like some crazy person we would unfriend on Facebook. But wait, it is our national joke of a president! Talk about sad!”

Commenter SomeCallMe…Tim picks up on a disconnect in our interview with Melinda Earp, who was at the rally. “Melinda Earp: ‘We need to quit being, you know, divided.’ Melinda Earp: ‘I believe in Christian people’ and ‘those Muslim people are not here to help us.’ We need to quit being divided, but those darn Muslims who aren’t like me must go! Thank you, Melinda, for being such a fine, fine example of the mental disjunction required to vote for and believe in Trump and the GOP.”

Toni Harris says she “lost respect” for our reporter, Megan Howard. “She approached me and my husband. Definitely not the person she portrayed. There will be more of these rallies. We need to be aware of these snakes in the grass!”

And commenter Cyndi argues that the poor attendance might be due to poor promotion. “I really wish this had been advertised. I never heard a word about it. I did hear there would be rallies and even asked our local RNC chapter. They even said they had not heard of any. I surely would have been there, and I’m certain there are others who would have as well.”

In response to last week’s Soapboxer, which argued that Republicans like Richard Burr need to stand up to an increasingly unstable President Trump, Diane Shull of Chapel Hill writes: “My grandkids use Twitter and so does my president? All the work of my generation seems to be deleted. We were on the streets in the sixties and seventies fighting for human rights, civil rights, clean air and water, etc. I seem to see we have gone back on the victories we had won, and I’m very sad. I’m seventy-six now but still try to stay involved. The other name you mention is Burr. Senator Burr has been inundated with requests to have town meetings, to no avail. This man represents the voters of North Carolina but refuses to hear their views or to share his and to explain his voting record. Either he is a coward, lazy, or just does not give a damn about the people who put him there.”

Finally, there’s … whatever the hell this is, from someone writing as “fallow journalouse P.B. Noseby” (everything sic): “I am writhing now out of cornsyrup for our naysham’s mental wall-being, which is to say the You Us of Assylumed is not behaving the way our foundering fathers wrote it and the Tromp demonstrafing symdumbs of a malignut nasticist with attackment issues, like an ereptile dysfunksham in Godsilly gone beserk in a Hollowit B movie. We might not take this serially but his is a doctormeanted poisonality disodor choriograffed by antisocialism, peerannoy traits and igorcentric aggrussions, mot to mansion a kneejerk for power, an absess of a conscience, and grammystanding, which bigs the question, ‘Does the 25th amanment of the Constertoosham, stating a Precident can be removed from pubic orifice if certainfiably deranged, apply in this nutcase? He’s crazy as alone but chants are he’s unaweird of it, outloud as Addled Hotlid for his stop gagging, his power grubbing, and his methoughtical unpresidented actions of making warhoop on his own contrary.”

It goes on for a while, but you get the gist.

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