Safe streets for all

Arts Access thanks you for your terrific article (“Mean streets,” Nov. 19) describing challenges people who are blind or have low vision face navigating downtown Durham.

Arts Access is a nonprofit dedicated to making the arts in North Carolina accessible to people with disabilities. Our mission includes helping arts organizations identify barriers and solutions to participation by persons with disabilities. Your map depicting challenges to navigation in Durham was awesome, as were your suggestions for how we all can contribute to making downtown safer and more inviting.

We urge all festival planners to consider accommodations for people with disabilities when planning events. Our website ( has links and information related to ADA accommodations and resources for event planners.

Thank you again for your wonderful and timely article. KUDOS!

Betsy Ludwig, RaleighThe writer is the executive director of Arts Access

Praise for Harris and Crawford

It was great to see Brett Harris get some well-deserved attention (the review of his new EP Mr. Sunshine) in the Indyand I was honored to be name-checked a few times as one of many here who are aware of his talents and have benefited from them.

But I wanted to add a tip of the hat to his coproducer and collaborator, Jeff Crawford, who was a crucial part of both this EP, the upcoming album and also the previous but no less excellent album, Man of Few Words.

Chris Stamey, Chapel Hill