Thanks for the informative article on achieving energy independence (“9 ways YOU can achieve energy independence,” July 5), particularly the highlight on the one-of-a-kind show home that the Cherokee Fund is constructing here in Raleigh. We wanted to make your readers aware of the advanced and affordable energy independence and sustainability features already available to them in new single family and townhomes through Anderson Home’s “Peak Performance” program.

Anderson Homes ( is at the national forefront of building “mainstream” high-performing homes–and the largest number of such homes–in the Triangle. We were recognized by both the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy as a 2006 Energy Star Partner of the Year, one of only seven homebuilders in the country so honored. The award was recognition for having established new standards of energy savings in the Carolinas through the design and construction of peak performance homes. While house design, floor plans, material choices and community amenities remain critical in making a choice in a new home, we believe that homebuyers deserve and are ready for a more advanced evaluation and comparison among their new home choices. A peak performance home is a measurably better home, not only in energy performance, but in many other areas that our homebuyers tell us are more compelling than other non-measurable areas, such as a designer name label on the house.

Anderson Homes deliver multiple benefits that not only boost the homeowner’s drive toward energy independence but layer on added values of a “healthier home” with superior indoor air quality, enhanced moisture and mold protection, lower maintenance costs and improved comfort. Peak performance homes really showcase how you can save energy, our resources, live more comfortably and protect and grow your home as an asset.

Kip Guyon
Chief Operating Officer
Anderson Homes