Now is not the time to shut up, as Jonathan Pattishall has insisted (Front Porch, May 17). It is, if anything, a time to encourage discussion on topics that affect everyone in Durham.

As a white Jordan lacrosse player, I take some offense to the broad stereotype of having a culture of “crime, drug use and machismo” because this details the exploits of the few, not the many. I also have never said nor heard any other Jordan lacrosse player say that the dancer involved in the Duke case brought rape upon herself by being a stripper. I agree with you in that rape is a terrible thing and if the accused Duke lacrosse players are guilty, I hope they receive just punishment. But they have not yet been found guilty.

I personally still believe in the tenet of innocent until proven guilty. You have asked that we should “shut up and listen.” I will listen, but unlike you, I will listen to reason.

Brad Howard