I was disappointed to see the Independent‘s so-called “Spoof: The devil is in the personal ads” (July 9) of the alleged crimes of Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig, first picking five posts and quotes out of context and then mocking the situation with six “classified” ads, following the reporting in The Herald-Sun and The News & Observer with salacious headlines.

I find it unfortunate that interested individuals did not attend court for Johnson’s first hearing before Judge William Lawton in Durham District Court July 7 to hear probable cause. Detective R.J. Guardino was unavailable, on two weeks’ leave; the alleged victims, who have left the state, could not be reached; and evidence has not been returned by the FBI. Assistant District Attorney Jan Paul had not had time to review the case. Judge Lawton took time to consider all this and noted the role of the media, stating, “I do not want a trial by innuendo.”

Many in the community have worked with Johnson and find it difficult to understand the accusations made. Will this case resemble that of former District Attorney Mike Nifong?

Margaret Misch