What is destroying America? Is it rap music? Nope. Violent videogames? Naw. Ritalin? No way. Unjust drug laws and gangs? Huh-uh. Debt and consumption? Wrong. Bush, the end times or maybe Satan?

No, it’s gotta be the guns. Guns and the fools who worship them are the root of all evil in this modern U.S.A. If only we could magically make them all evaporate into thin air, then all our troubles would be over.

Gimme a break. Hal Crowther makes gun owners and the NRA sound like secret masters, intent on destroying the country in their reckless worship of the almighty rifle (“One nation under guns,” cover story, April 16). Certainly there are many threats facing modern America, but Crowther focuses on his own personal obsession with firearms. I’m not sure if he’s really trying to convince anyone of his position or is just preaching to the choir here because this article will win over no one who doesn’t already share his belief that “guns are bad, mmmmkay.”

My other theory is that this article is just the work of a blatant troll and the Independent decided to help him.

Byron Goode