Your endorsement of Congressman David Price falls a bit short of the progressive principles to which the Indy subscribes.

Years ago, when the 4th District teamed Orange County primarily with the more conservative Wake County, Price may well have been the best we could do. Now, with Orange and Durham combined, we ought to have a progressive congressperson, one worthy of representing us not only in Congress but in its Progressive Caucus as well. Does it make sense that the 12th District can elect a congressman (Mel Watt) allied with the likes of Barbara Lee, John Conyers, Barney Frank and Dennis Kucinich but that the 4th District can not?

Certainly, we all wish Price’s challenger Kent Kanoy came in with some name recognition and a more viable campaign, but his candidacy gives progressive voters a voice we have not had in many years.

This year, Price will win whether or not we vote for Kanoy. But, as the radical right has demonstrated all too well, it is important in politics to have a long-term vision. If progressives back Kanoy in significant numbers, we can begin to assert the progressive character of the 4th District and to build a base for stronger campaigns in the future. My own vote will be cast with those ends in mind.

Dan Coleman