Having worked with Wake County parents, students, health care professionals and other concerned citizens campaigning for responsible, medically-accurate sex education in Wake County public schools, I was horrified to see your endorsement of Bill Fletcher in this week’s election edition of the Independent (“Indy Endorsements,” Oct. 20), even in light of what you acknowledged as Fletcher’s “Stone Age” views on sex education.

In both word and deed, Fletcher’s ferocious and extreme opposition to responsible, medically-accurate sex education has proven him to be the exact opposite of “a constructive critic who could argue his position but also listen, and even be persuaded by, the other side.”

Fletcher may have listened to reason on busing, but he seems to have concluded that having done so once in a lifetime will suffice.

To those progressive readers who, like me, once felt confident in picking up the Independent that we would find a set of thoughtful and defensible endorsements, it is with great disappointment that I say: Think again.