Do they like John Kerry? Sure, but they loved Teresa Heinz Kerry and John Edwards (also Barack Obama, even Al Sharpton) at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Photojournalist Jenny Warburg, our longtime Indy contributor, has covered every national convention–both parties–since 1988. (She’ll be in New York City in three weeks.) “I swore after 2000 I’d never do this again, but here I am, back for more,” she laughs.

Post-Boston, the question seems to be whether the convention gave the Democratic ticket “a bounce.” Truth is, Kerry-Edwards has led Bush-Cheney in almost every national poll taken since the North Carolina senator was named as the running mate a month ago. Not by much–3 points, 4 points, 5 points, and in the latest Newsweek poll, 7 points. So the better question is: Is there any way Bush can bounce back? Get ready for that October surprise.