We begin with wisdom from a middle schooler. “My name is Lucy Farrell, and I have lived in North Carolina my whole life. That’s thirteen years. I read your article and I have been learning about House Bill 2, and now I am embarrassed that I live in North Carolina. It is ridiculous that this is happening! … Let’s talk about bathrooms. It should be easy to use the bathroom. It is a necessity. Everyone needs to. We all know that. Yet North Carolina found a way to make using the bathroom a struggle.”

If the law doesn’t change, Lucy writes, “when I turn eighteen, I am out of North Carolina.” Don’t let intolerance win, Lucy: this state needs people like you.

NYgal, meanwhile, takes issue with our story last week about a Jewish day school that has become embroiled in international controversy. “Frontpage Magazine ‘ultra conservative’? Only to an ultra progressive. And what exactly do you mean that arguments of the parents’ mirror those in FPM? FPM simply reported about the case, not drafted the arguments for the parents to presented in court. The case is not about FPM but about Jewish parents not wanting to pay tuition for their children to be indoctrinated against Israel by school that hires rabid anti-Israel activists and has board members espousing anti-Israel views, while marketing themselves as espousing Jewsh values. It’s not really complicated. If it was a store practicing false advertising and providing a product different than advertised, you would support the demand for a refund. Here, the school has engaged in false advertising and, instead of giving a refund, demands that parents keep on paying.”

Commenter McCleary sees sexism in our endorsement of Michael Morgan over Sabra Faires for the N.C. Supreme Court (the results of that contest weren’t released until after we went to press): “Shorter INDY endorsement: ‘Nice work on the lawsuit that made this all possible, little lady. But now is the time to step aside and let the menfolk get down to the hard work of judging.’”

Finally, a correction: last week’s endorsements package noted that Americans for Prosperity was actively opposing U.S. Representative Renee Ellmers, though we incorrectly reported why: AFP spokesman Adam Nicholson says the Koch-backed group opposes Ellmers because of her support for “special interest handouts and wasteful spending,” not her immigration policies.

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