Our House Bill 2 coverage continues to prime the comments pump.

Let’s begin with Wafranklin, who chastises the eleven Democrats who sided with the GOP majority: “It would appear that some of our more conservative (dense) representatives were duped again by a bill which puts the counties and cities in a straitjacket in an exercise where the bill was written in the dark, rushed through the assembly (both houses), and sent to [Governor McCrory] for signature. That alone should have alerted these people that something stank.”

“People do need to be educated on transgender issues,” adds Laurie B.“The support for this bill comes from a place of ignorance. Shame on the representatives who refused to respond. They owe their constituents an explanation, even if it’s as idiotic as Charles Graham’s. And yikes at [Representative] Brisson. That’s … bold, I guess. ‘Nah, I’m good.’ Does he think he’s responding to trolls on Twitter or something? Come on. Do better.”

“[Senate President Pro Tempore] Phil Berger seems to have spent a great deal of time imagining why this law was necessary,” writes Nate. “That’s … weird.”

“[Lieutenant Governor Dan] Forest is about as damn dumb as they walk and talk,” says Watt Jones.

Jennifer Cole argues that the state’s Republicans should be careful what they wish for. “The more of these hate bills that are legislated, the greater the certainty that eventually the federal government, the Supreme Court if necessary, will step in and cut these haters off at the knees, just like they did with marriage equality,” she writes. “If they remain on this course long enough, they will lose their ability to legislate anything at a state level.”

Lisa Magni, meanwhile, raises an interesting point: “So Republican logic is that laws stop molesters, but laws don’t stop gun violence?”

And, finally, offcenterlevi, a Bull City expat who moved to Germany, writes: “I always thought that someday my new family and I might move back to Durham. The Republican takeover of North Carolina has been really disconcerting. This new law is beyond belief. I’m sure Durham is still a great place, but I would never consider living in Mississippi, and at this point I have no intention of returning to North Carolina.”

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