Ninth Street Journal

Painting the Night Sky with 120,000 Lights

Traveling north up Guess Road, the darkness of the trees and fleeting houses is broken up suddenly by flashing lights. On the right side of the road sits a winter wonderland with a sign telling people to “Tune in to 90.3 F.M.”

A Day in the Life of a Durham Public Defender

The Office of Indigent Services (IDS), headquartered in Durham, oversees and supports this work throughout North Carolina. Among other work, IDS helps to fund and train public defenders.

In Durham Court, a Murder Without a Body

Brentley Yancey is charged with first-degree kidnapping, second-degree burglary, and conspiracy to commit murder in the disappearance of Shawn Burton. Burton has not turned up. Nor has his body.

DPS Board Celebrates $18 Million Gift

“We were surprised when representatives for Ms. Scott contacted us to let us know that she was going to make a donation in support of our students and our schools,” DPS Superintendent Pascal Mubenga said.


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