If our open records request to Gov. Pat McCrory’s office were
a baby, it could roll over and eat solid food. It’s been nearly seven months since we asked for hizzoner’s travel records. And what have we received? Crickets.

What other modes of travel take half a year or so? We could have traveled to Mars by now. See below for other comparisons.

Besides McCrory’s stonewalling, the other thing weighing our minds is the state budget. We’ve broken down some proposed budget numbers (see related story) to illustrate how the state’s most vulnerable people are being penalized.

Waiting: 212

Number of days since the INDY filed an open records request
with Gov. Pat McCrory’s office seeking his travel records

Flying: 215

Days Soyuz TMA-9 astronauts spent docked at the
International Space Station in 2006

Walking: 180

Estimated days required to hike the Appalachian Trail

Sailing, sorta: 148

Days that two Thai men survived at sea floating in a large icebox

$437.8 million

Amount lost in revenue because of the GOP’s tax plan

$18 million

Amount cut from the Division of Child Development & Early Education

$10.2 million

Cut from Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities & Substance
Abuse Services

$29.8 million

Cut from Public Health


Cut from Aging and Adult Services

$2.7 million

Cut from the Wright School, its entire budget. Under the Senate proposal, school would close by Sept. 30.

It serves children statewide who have severe emotional, cognitive and developmental disabilities. Here is a previous story about the school, which is located in Durham.

Source: Senate budget, North Carolina General Assembly