The very first person to send us a letter in response to our story on how much HB 2 has cost the state (almost $400 million and counting) was Emily Goodman of Cary. She was not the last; we subsequently received nearly a dozen exact replicas.

“I am disgusted by the finger-pointing over HB 2,” Goodman (and a bunch of other people) writes. “Since Governor McCrory and the Republican legislature passed this disastrous law, North Carolina has lost thousands of jobs and $395 million. The costs continue to climb, now that the NCAA and the ACC have canceled their tournaments here. Governor McCrory and the Republicans wrote and signed this bill in just twelve hours back in March. Since then, the damage to North Carolina’s economy and our reputation have continued to grow. McCrory initially claimed the whole thing was a vast left-wing conspiracy. Now he says it’s a national issue and we need to wait for the courts to decide. McCrory needs to repeal this terrible law. We can’t afford to wait, and we certainly can’t afford any more of Governor McCrory’s finger-pointing.”

Carol Petrie, meanwhile, thinks it’s unfortunate that people are focused on HB 2’s economic carnage and not its rank immorality. “It’s sad that it took the ACC and NCAA pulling out of North Carolina to prompt such HB 2 outrage,” she writes. “Shouldn’t it have been because of the discrimination and lack of ability to sue because of it? Also, to all those parents out there so concerned about their children’s bathroom safety: when you try to take your little boy with you into the ladies’ room or your little girl into the men’s room, you are violating the law! Yes, send that little man into the bathroom of his gender all alone. Now, don’t you feel safe and happy with McCrory’s HB 2?”

And, finally on the HB 2 front, there’s this poem from Sue Won, titled “Page from a Urinary Tract”:

When the line is long and you’ve got to pee

Here’s a tip you can take from me

March on over to the door marked “Men”

And if guys give you grief, drop your voice an octave

And declare that when

You left home that morning at half past ten

You were late, in a rush, and yourself so beside

You forgot the document proving you’re bona fide

And, no, they can’t have a peek, though you’ve nothing to hide

It’s just a chore to drop panties while hiking a dress

So to avoid stares, snide remarks, and all that mess

You’ll excuse yourself, duck into a stall

Tell them, if they don’t like it, to give McCrory a call.

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