Gallery portrait, 1997: John Hope Franklin, by Jenny Warburg

Black Culture issue, 1999: Counter Culture: Swimming in the mainstream can be tricky business for African-Americanseven those who are winning the race (PDF, 760 KB), by Afefe L. Tyehimbe

Black Culture issue, 2004: John Hope Franklin: ‘An old man needs to be radical, too’, by olufunke moses

Cover story, 2007: Apologies aren’t enough: John Hope Franklin speaks out on the real work of ending discrimination, by olufunke moses

First Person essay, 2009: A colleague’s respect, by Cathy N. Davidson

First Person essay, 2009: A son’s appreciation, by Bouna S. Ndiaye

Front Porch essay, 2009: John Hope Franklin, 1915-2009, by Steven Channing

Peripheral Visions cartoon, 2009: John Hope Franklin Was Here, by V.C. Rogers